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Public Debt of Montenegro - 30th September, 2007

Public debt of the Republic of Montenegro, without public enterprises, at the end of the third quarter of 2007 amounts 773 mill EUR or 35,9% of the Gross domestic product (GDP). Internal debt amounts 272,4 mill EUR or 12,7% of GDP, while foreign debt amounts 506,6 mill EUR or 23,2% of the GDP...Download


Public Debt of the Republic of Montenegro as of December 31st 2006

Public Debt of the Republic of Montenegro as of December 31st 2006...Download


Signing of the Agreement on Debt Rescheduling with the Republic of Italy

The Agreement on Debt Reduction and Rescheduling between the Government of the Republic of Italy on one hand and the Governments of the Republic of Montenegro and Serbia on the other was signed on 4 December 2006 for the purpose of implementation of the Negotiated Minutes on Debt Consolidation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was signed on 28 December 2001 with the Government representatives of the Paris Club creditor countries...


Report On Status of the Public Debt Republic of Montenegro as of 30 September 2006

Public debt of Montenegro as of 30 September 2006 amounted to 644.9 million euro. Domestic debt was 167.6 million euro or 26.0% of the total debt, while foreign debt was 477.3 million euro or 74.0%...Download


Report on public debt of Montenegro as of 31 December 2005

Public debt of Montenegro amounted to EUR 700,4 million as of 31 December 2005. Domestic debt amounted to EUR187,1 million or 26,7% of total debt, while foreign debt amounted to EUR 513,3 million or 73,3% respectively. It is primarily due to ongoing negotiations and allocation of debt , ongoing negotiations on succession of the former SFRY and impossibility to quantify explicit liabilities assumed under the Law on Restitution of Expropriated Property Rights and Compensation that this amount has not been fully clear-cut. According to current estimations, no great divergences are likely to arise following conclusion of negotiations on allocation of the financial assets and liabilities with the Republic of Serbia...Download


Montenegrin Debt Management Strategy 2005 - 2007

The objective of the Debt Management Strategy is to identify the key directions and priorities of midterm debt policy. Domestic legislation puts the emphasis on defining investments to be financed by foreign credit lines...Download

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