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Report on the State Debt of Montenegro as of 30 June 2009

Published date: 06.08.2009 13:22 | Author: DRŽAVNI DUG

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The state debt of Montenegro as of 30th June 2009 amounts to EUR 1,003,6 mil or 28,4% of gross domestic product (GDP). Internal debt amounts to EUR 450.0 mil or 12.7% GDP, while external debt amounts to EUR 553,3 mil or 15,5% GDP. Guarantees of Montenegro amount to about EUR 65,8 mil, or 1.9% GDP, or 6,6 0% of the state debt. The state debt makes about 62.2% of totally generated budget revenues in 2008 (not including privatization receipts, loans or donations).

Stock Of State Debt Of Montenegro as of 30th June 2009