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State Debt - 31 March 2008

Published date: 12.05.2008 15:26 | Author: DRŽAVNI DUG

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The state debt of Montenegro at the end of March 2008 amounts 788.3 million EUR or 29.0% of the gross domestic product (GDP). The internal debt amounts 322.9 million EUR or 11.9% of GDP, while the external debt amounts 465.4 million EUR or 17.1% of GDP.
The external debt had increased for 3.3 million EUR during the first quarter of 2008 in comparison with the end of 2007, while in comparison with GDP it was decreased for 1.8%. From the existing loans, 5.2 million EUR is used from the International Development Agency (IDA), Credit bank for development (KfW), Hungarian goods credit and Societe Generale bank credit. As for the reprogrammed obligations, predominantly with the World Bank and Paris Club, debt was decreased due to the regular payments of credit mass in March...Download